Resurfacing from the Development Ocean

Hello, friends! Goodness, it's been quite some time, hm? Or if this is your first time reading one of our devlogs, hello and nice to meet you! My name is Els, I'm the lead developer on Retrace, and I've been just a taaaaad busy making the game and left devlogging to one side. But no longer! Let's see where we're at, shall we?

New Trailer

First off, check out our sweet new trailer, courtesy of @GaryJKings! Hopefully it'll give you a good taste of what's to come.

EGX, Norwich and Beyond ...?

Thanks to everyone who visited us at EGX Rezzed! It was so great to meet you all! We received some great feedback and really kind comments, and we're even more pumped up to bring you an amazing game! We'll be at Norwich Games Fest on the 31st of May and 1st of June, and we really hope to see some more people there! After that, will we be at more events...!? Only time will tell, so watch this space!!)


This is the important part, right? Here's where we're at in terms of completeness.

  • The Script: 99% finished.
  • The Systems: 90% complete.
  • Content Implementation: About 55% complete (thank you, Juju!)
  • Music: 100% complete (thank you, Trass/HarmonicBlend!)
  •  UI: 100% Complete (thank you, Selina/carmiico!)
  • Art:

    • Walksprites 100% complete
    • Talksprites: 100% complete; redoing them in HD is something of a stretch goal, mostly because Domi is a perfectionist
    • BGSs: About 80% done
    • CGs: 0% done; they're our last goal before finalising all the art assets

And that about covers it! In other words, the part that we're waiting on is content implementation. Huh? That's my job...? Well, that's true. I'm working hard!

If you're curious what content implementation means, it's essentially taking the written scripts, plugging them into Juju's wonderful dialogue engine, hooking them up to in-game events, and also putting together cutscenes and wrangling variables. It can be difficult and fiddly work, but I'm 'over the hump'!

I'm going to do my best to write more longform posts here, but if you'd like more frequent and shorter updates, please check us out on Instagram and Twitter at @retracegame. We've also got a Steam page where you can wishlist Retrace! We really appreciate your support!

Until next time, everyone~


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