Cursed Brooches and Console Releases

It's been a while, everyone! I hope you're all doing okay. Let's get right into it...

  • There were a few cases of the Miowen end not triggering because the Brooch item was entering the inventory before the cutscene where Freya receives it. I'm going to be honest, I have scoured the code and I cannot find any reason why this would be happening, but there is now a safety check in place that should take any illicitly-obtained brooches from your inventory, should you somehow acquire one. If you still encounter this bug, I would be greatly, greatly appreciative if you would go into your C:/Users/[User]/AppData/retrace folder, grab the file and send it to Seriously, this is keeping me up at night. Game's haunted.
  • The "Gore" setting button now changes colour as well as position to indicate whether it's toggled.
  • Onto more exciting news, Retrace will be available on Xbox 1, PS4 and Nintendo Switch from Feburary 24th! And as a result, I've changed the price here as well. It's always an awkward thing to talk about, but basically, I learned a lot about selling games in the past year and I think this is the right thing to do.

As always, I really appreciate everyone's support, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy Retrace and look forward to Schrodinger's Catgirl!

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Version 5 Feb 22, 2021

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It’s awesome more people will be able to play your game now! :)

It's so cool people would be able to play it on other plataforms :D