1.1 Patch Notes: Achievements!

Hello, everyone! There's even more of you since we last spoke! I hope everyone's enjoying Retrace!

Today, I'm bringing you ... version 1.1! Now with a shiny new feature!

In-game Achievements are here!

  • Find them in your Diary, on the last tab.
  • Click on any that you've successfully obtained to see their name and description, just like on Steam!
  • The first time you open it, the game will attempt to update any that you've already unlocked on your current save. However, due to the way the code was originally written, the Gold and White ends, as well as the achievements "Until I Return" and "Retraced Days", weren't saved internally. "Until I Return" can be triggered if you have a save that's currently in the second half of the game, but the other three will need to be completed again. I'm really sorry about that!
  • There's also now a counter underneath the "Merry Bad END" achievement tracking the number of bad ends you've found! This should be compatible with old saves automatically. Do your best!

The Itch community has been really kind to me, so I wanted to give something back. Now even without a Steam key you can enjoy the cute Achievement pixel art and feel accomplished!

Thank you again, everyone!


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Version 2 Jun 28, 2020

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