Major Content Update

Hello, everyone! Let's get right into it!

  • New content!  That's right! If you've played the game, you may recall a certain door you couldn't enter close to the end of the game, one shining with golden light. For this and that reasons, it was closed to you, but now you can explore it at your heart's content! New secrets and conversations await you!
  • Achievements...Less borked?!   The in-game achievement tracker was notoriously finicky. It should be more reliable now.
  • Bug and polish fixes!  The Library softlock on Owen's route should be thoroughly squashed, and we took care of some weird sprite behaviour in cutscenes. You might still notice some odd things here or there, but the experience should be a lot smoother!

We hope both those of you who've completed the game and those playing for the first time will enjoy the extra content! Incidentally, if you follow our Twitter at @SpiderLilyGames, you'll be seeing a lot more content for both Retrace and our next projects. Thank you for continuing to support us!


If you downloaded the game between 15/04/21 and the time this blog is posted, you may encounter a bug that I have subsequently fixed. Unfortunately, I couldn't directly patch it because my computer decided it wasn't going to run the Itch command line patch service. This should only affect exactly ten people (hooray for download stats!), but those ten people will need to redownload the game. I'm really sorry....! My computer also apologises!

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Version 6 Apr 17, 2021

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