Retrace is on Sale + New Game on Kickstarter!

Hello everyone! We'd like to announce two things today:

1. Retrace is on sale again for 25% off!If you've been waiting to pick up the game, artbook, or OST, now's a great time to. If you've already played Retrace and loved it, we appreciate your reviews too!

2. If you already follow our Twitter at @SpiderLilyGames, then you already know that we've been working on the studio's next game titled Schrodinger's Catgirl. While the game isn't an outright horror game like Retrace was, you'll find strong characters and narrative with a dash of humor in it as well. The Kickstarter campaign for it begins today, so we'd like to ask you to check it out and tell your friends about it too!

As always, thanks for your support!

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