Post-update devlog and patch notes

Okay, first, let's go through the fixes!

  •  The achievement "Merry Bad End" is no longer bugged, but does now require one extra end that was missing (eight in total now).
  • Various instances where the wrong text would play have been fixed
  • The items for the Magpie puzzle no longer respawn
  • Lucas no longer follows you during the dungeon section of his route, preventing him from getting stuck. We're still working on preventing other NPCs (*cough* Mia *cough*) from getting stuck, so please accept our apologies while we do!

With a team as small as ours, it was pretty much inevitable that there would be bugs we couldn't find between us on release, but we still deeply regret that you all had to see them, so from the bottom of our hearts, we apologise, and thank you for your patience and reports!

We didn't end up writing a release devlog, mostly because Els got stressed out and busy with the actual business of releasing the game. There are so many buttons to press and boxes to check! But, the response has been really great...! Every heartfelt review has filled us with warmth and a determination to do even better! We'll keep providing fixes as much as we can. We're also going to upload a spoiler-free guide, since a few people have requested it. Els will go write that now, actually...

For more frequent updates, the best place to go is our Twitter page. Otherwise, until next time, everyone!


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Jan 28, 2020

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